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In this Post, You know about Article 265 Of Indian Constitution In English. If you do not know about what is Article 265, then this post you will give you complete information about that Indian Constitution Article.

Articles are given in our Indian Constitution, in which one mark has been given to each provision where article 265 has also been told in the India constitution. Every person of India must have know about the Indian Constitution Articles.

Article 265 Of Indian Constitution In English

Article 265 – Taxes not to be imposed save by authority of law.
No tax shall be levied or collected except by authority of law.

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Article 265 In English

265 Article – Taxes shall not be levied without the authority of law.
No tax shall be levied or collected except under the authority of law.

Note- All the things mentioned in this have been taken from the Indian Constitution itself. That is, it is the word of the constitution.

What Is Article 265 Of Indian Constitution?

Article 265 Debate Summary

The draft Article 248 was taken up on 4 August 1949. It defined ‘Revenue of India’ and ‘Revenue of the State’. The chairman of the drafting committee proposed the following to replace the draft Article 248: “No tax shall be levied or collected except by right of law. This was an entirely new provision. This new draft Article 248 made an arbitrary decision.” State authority. What was Draft Article 248, then it was renamed as Draft Article 248A. The resolution was adopted on 4 August 1949 without any debate.

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