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Article 321 Of Indian Constitution In English

Article 321 – Power to extend functions of Public Service Commissions.
An Act made by Parliament or, as the case may be, the Legislature of a State may provide for the exercise of additional functions by the Union Public Service Commission or the State Public Service Commission as respects the services of the Union of the State and also as respects the services of any local authority or other body corporate constituted by law or of any public institution.

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What Is Article 321 Of Indian Constitution?

Article 321 Debate Summary

Draft Article 287 was debated on 23 August 1949. It empowered the Parliament and State Legislatures to enact laws to expand the scope of the functions of the Union and State Public Service Commissions. In addition, it was also required that there should be a clause in state law stating that the additional functions would be exercised only in relation to members of the state services. However, with the consent of the President, it can be used for persons who are not members of the State Services.

The chairman of the drafting committee proposed to amend the draft article to remove the additional requirement for state laws. In addition, he expanded the power of parliament and state legislatures to include additional functions in relation to the services of any local authority, statutory corporation and public institution.

One member felt that this amendment was significant as it made the services in corporations and public institutions on par with the services of the Union or State Governments. Another member supported the inclusion of local officials because they often appointed individuals who were not qualified on the basis of favoritism. Therefore it was necessary to make them accountable to the Public Service Commission.

However, he did not want companies created under the Companies Act and the Banking Companies Act and banking companies to be included in this draft article. He believed that this clarification was necessary to prevent the Public Service Commission from exercising control over private corporations. One member supported the suggestion to exclude private firms as he believed that the interference of the Public Service Commission would hamper the functioning of private corporations.

The assembly rejected the proposal to explicitly exclude private firms. However, it accepted the changes proposed by the chairman of the drafting committee. The draft amended Article 287 was adopted on 23 August 1949.

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