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Article 322 Of Indian Constitution In English

Article 322 – Expenses of Public Service Commission.
The expenses of the Union or a State Public Service Commission, including any salaries, allowances and pensions payable to or in respect of the members or staff of the Commission, shall be charged on the Consolidated Fund of India or, as the case may be, the Consolidated Fund of the State.

Indian Constitution part 14 articles

Note- All the things mentioned in this have been taken from the Indian Constitution itself. That is, it is the word of the constitution.

What Is Article 322 Of Indian Constitution?

Article 322 Debate Summary

Draft Article 288 (Article 322, Constitution of India 1950) was discussed on 23 August 1949. The draft Article states that the expenditure of the Union or State Public Service Commission shall be levied on the revenue of India or of the State respectively.

The Chairman of the Drafting Committee introduced an amendment to the draft article which replaced the words ‘Revenue of India’ with ‘Consolidated Fund of India’. There was no discussion on the draft article and it was accepted with amendments on the same day.

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