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Article 323B Of Indian Constitution In English

Article 323B – Tribunals for other matters.
(1) The appropriate Legislature may, by law, provide for the adjudication or trial by tribunals of any disputes, complaints, or offences with respect to all or any of the matters specified in clause. ( 2 ) with respect to which such Legislature has power to make laws
(2) The matters referred to in clause ( 1 ) are the following, namely:
(a) levy, assessment, collection and enforcement of any tax;
(b) foreign exchange, import and export across customs frontiers;
(c) industrial and labour disputes;
(d) land reforms by way of acquisition by the State of any estate as defined in Article 31A or of any rights therein or the extinguishment or modification of any such rights or by way of ceiling on agricultural land or in any other way;
(e) ceiling on urban property;
(f) elections to either House of Parliament or the House or either House of the Legislature of a State, but excluding the matters referred to in Article 329 and Article 329A;
(g) production, procurement, supply and distribution of foodstuffs (including edible oilseeds and oils) and such other goods as the President may, by public notification, declare to be essential goods for the purpose of this article and control of prices of such goods;
(h) offences against laws with respect to any of the matters specified in sub clause (a) to (g) and fees in respect of any of those matters;
(i) any matter incidental to any of the matters specified in sub clause (a) to (h).

Indian Constitution part 14 articles

Note- All the things mentioned in this have been taken from the Indian Constitution itself. That is, it is the word of the constitution.

What Is Article 323B Of Indian Constitution?

Article 323B Debate Summary

This Article was introduced in the Constitution in 1976 and therefore was not discussed in the Constituent Assembly. 

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