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Articles are given in our Indian Constitution, in which one mark has been given to each provision where article 329A has also been told in the India constitution. Every person of India must have know about the Indian Constitution Articles.

Article 329A Of Indian Constitution In English

Article 329A – Special provision as to elections to Parliament in the case of Prime Minister and Speaker Omitted PART XVI SPECIAL PROVISIONS RELATING TO CERTAIN CLASSES.

Indian Constitution part 15 articles

Article 329A In English

329A Article – Special provisions relating to the election of Parliament in the case of the Prime Minister and Speaker Part XVI Special provisions relating to certain sections were omitted.

Note- All the things mentioned in this have been taken from the Indian Constitution itself. That is, it is the word of the constitution.

What Is Article 329A Of Indian Constitution?

Article 329A Debate Summary

No Such debate happen.

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