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In this Post, You know about Article 331 Of Indian Constitution In English. If you do not know about what is Article 331, then this post you will give you complete information about that Indian Constitution Article.

Articles are given in our Indian Constitution, in which one mark has been given to each provision where article 331 has also been told in the India constitution. Every person of India must have know about the Indian Constitution Articles.

Article 331 Of Indian Constitution In English

Article 331 – Representation of the Anglo Indian community in the Hose of the People.
Notwithstanding anything in Article 81, the President may, if he is of opinion that the Anglo Indian community is not adequately represented in the House of the people, nominate not more than two members of that community to the House of the People.

Indian Constitution part 16 articles

Article 331 In English

331 Article – Representation of the Anglo-Indian community in the people’s channel.
Notwithstanding anything contained in article 81, the President may, if in his opinion the Anglo-Indian community is not adequately represented in the House of the People, nominate more than two members of that community to the House of the People.

Note- All the things mentioned in this have been taken from the Indian Constitution itself. That is, it is the word of the constitution.

What Is Article 331 Of Indian Constitution?

Article 331 Debate Summary

Draft Article 293 (Article 331, Constitution of India 1950) was discussed on 24 August 1949. The draft Article gave the President the power to appoint two members of the Anglo-Indian community to the Lok Sabha if the President was of the opinion that the community was not adequately represented.

A member introduced an amendment to allow the President to nominate a ‘substantial number’ of a minority committee to the Lok Sabha, and not to limit nominations by number or community. Another member was concerned that the amendment would set a dangerous precedent, especially because there was already an article (Article 81) that already dealt with the representation of minority communities.

A third member argued that the draft Article 293 was an exception to the earlier article and was necessary because the Anglo-Indian community was too small and needed to be represented in the Lok Sabha. The amendment was rejected by the House, and the draft article was adopted on the same day without any changes.

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