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Article 43 Of Indian Constitution In English

Article 43 – Living wage, etc, for workers.
The State shall endeavour to secure, by suitable legislation or economic organisation or in any other way, to all workers, agricultural, industrial or otherwise, work, a living wage, conditions of work ensuring a decent standard of life and full enjoyment of leisure and social and cultural opportunities and, in particular, the State shall endeavour to promote cottage industries on an individual or co operative basis in rural areas.

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Article 43 In English

43 Article – living wages for workers, etc.
The State shall endeavor to ensure, by suitable law or economic organization or in any other manner, for all workers, agricultural, industrial or other, work, a living wage, a decent standard of living and the full enjoyment of leisure and Social and cultural opportunities and, in particular, the State shall endeavor to promote cottage industries on an individual or cooperative basis in rural areas.

Note- All the things mentioned in this have been taken from the Indian Constitution itself. That is, it is the word of the constitution.

What Is Article 43 Of Indian Constitution?

Article 43 Debate Summary

Draft Article 34 was debated in the Constituent Assembly on 23 November 1948. Its purpose was to protect and promote the interests of workers. The debate began and centered around an amendment that proposed to add a line that directed the state to ensure that rural areas were financially self-sufficient by using indigenous goods and promoting cottage industries. be made.

It was argued that there was a significant difference in the economic status of villages/rural areas as compared to cities; Economic opportunities in cities developed at the expense of villages. Indians were leaving rural India for greener economic pastures in cities. The amendment mover wanted to stop this and felt that cottage industries could play an important role in the economic transformation and empowerment of rural areas.

Another member shouted and said that the capitalists should not be given leadership to facilitate the emergence of cottage industries. The approach that the members agreed upon was to organize these centers of economic activity around cooperatives. The debate surrounding Article 34 saw members engaging with larger themes: they believed that economic and social democracy were prerequisites for the success of political democracy.

As one member said, ‘Political consciousness and patriotism will come only when they struggle financially’. In the end, the Assembly adopted the amendment in its revised form. Also, ‘agricultural workers’ were added in the draft article.

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